We are very sorry to announce that we have made the decision to cancel the upcoming SEWERFest show on November 8th. With the uncertainty around rising covid-19 case levels and legislation, we are unable to push off the decision any further and have it be safe or fair to the vendors and patrons. Please stay safe out there and mindful of those in your community. We want to see a successful series of shows in 2021, and need you all to do it. 2021 show dates are planned for April 25th, August 1 and November 14th. We will continue forward with the two hall layout.

1000's Of Reptiles On Display!

SEWERFest began in 2001 as a small Midwestern Reptile show. Since then, the annual Summertime Sale and Fest has grown to include Fall and Spring Dates:

  • Includes a wide variety of diverse captive bred animals
  • Features quality breeders across Wisconsin, the Midwest, and all over the United States
  • A great opportunity to see & learn about animals rarely seen in zoos or museums that can be fun for the whole family

The show is set in a banquet hall featuring an on-site ATM, restrooms, and in true Wisconsin style - a bar. *Come on out to the Fountain Banquet Hall and check it out!