November 8 SHOW IS ON as scheduled.

Temporary changes due to CDC Guidelines:

After a lot of deliberations on how to have a safe, successful show for everyone, we think we have come up with a plan that should work for most.

While the show will happen, there will be some changes. Some are temporary and some we hope will be long term.

For the long term, the show will be held in both halls at Fountain Banquet Hall. The show has always been held in the North hall, but we will now take over the South hall as well. If you've parked in the back parking lot you've seen the doors for that hall.

We will also be opening the show an hour earlier at 9 am. To go with the earlier hours, we are adding in some dynamic pricing. 9 am entry will be $10 for adults, $5 for kids. 10 am entry will be $8 for adults, $2 for kids. Entry after 12 pm(noon) will be $5 for adults, $1 for kids. We believe that by adding hours and creating the dynamic pricing, we can create a buying time that should work for all.

We will have capacity limits for each hall, and will reserve the right to limit entry as patrons shop. We ask that you try to respect social distancing in the halls, and also while waiting in line to enter. If the line is too long, please consider waiting in your car or visiting the other hall.

While we do not want anyone to make a rushed decision while purchasing animals, we do ask that everyone be respectful of the other patrons and move through the show at a reasonable pace and understand other shoppers may be looking to get into the show.

Masks will be required. We ask that everyone please respect the personal protection choices of others at the show.

We look forward to bringing you an amazing, safe, and comfortable reptile show.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us or email us at

1000's Of Reptiles On Display!

SEWERFest began in 2001 as a small Midwestern Reptile show. Since then, the annual Summertime Sale and Fest has grown to include Fall and Spring Dates:

  • Includes a wide variety of diverse captive bred animals
  • Features quality breeders across Wisconsin, the Midwest, and all over the United States
  • A great opportunity to see & learn about animals rarely seen in zoos or museums that can be fun for the whole family

The show is set in a banquet hall featuring an on-site ATM, restrooms, and in true Wisconsin style - a bar. *Come on out to the Fountain Banquet Hall and check it out!